Why Do You Need To Fertilize?

Fertilization during the spring is essential for establishing a healthy lush lawn or garden for throughout the summer. It helps supplement and fortify your soil with the required mineral and nutrient content for optimal plant growth.

The Fertilizer Tank makes fertilization simpler – it takes the guess work out of fertilizing your plants.. 

How Fertilization Works

An injection tank attaches right to your sprinkler system and distributes the fertilizer evenly over your yard, eliminating the potential of misapplication and burn spots.

It’s A Responsible Way to Fertilize

A healthy lawn requires less water. Using a fertilizer can decrease water consumption by up to 20–50 percent, which is responsible and money-saving! Who doesn’t want a lower water bill in the summer?

The use of organic products and micro-dosing eliminates this environmental problem. The continuous small amounts of nutrients that are applied to your lawn are absorbed by your plants and don’t leach into the environment.

Worth the Investment

Ultimately, you’re protecting the investment you made when you first established your landscape design. You chose your plants carefully and by helping them stay healthy, you’ll experience greater enjoyment.

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